Jobs for Locals - We need 'em.

The $500 million Mackay Ring Road Stage One will create a wealth of jobs – 600 in fact.

In a region that’s been enduring tough times for a number of years, that’s a massive employment boost.

But for the region to truly benefit, a fair share of those jobs must go to people who live here and spend their pay packets here.

Because we need Jobs for Locals.

For the local economy to get the biggest boost it possibly can from this massive infrastructure project – a fair share of the contracts to undertake the work must go to local business operators.

Because they live here and they spend here.

Once again, that means Jobs for Locals.

While the Federal Government has stumped up the bulk of the funding for the Mackay Ring Road Stage One, the project is administered by the State Government.

So the Queensland Labor Government decides who gets the tender for this project, and hence the Queensland Labor Government decides who gets the jobs.

A fair share of these jobs should go to Locals.

Now is the time to fight for that outcome.

Please sign this letter to the Queensland Premier so that she knows what we want – Jobs for Locals.

Dear Premier,

Mackay has been hard hit by a downturn in the resource sector and the region is badly in need of the 600 jobs that the Mackay Ring Road project will generate. However, there are concerns that a southern contractor will win the tender for this project and give many of those jobs to people from outside the region.

Premier, we need jobs for locals.

We call on the Queensland Labor Government to do the right thing by the region that generated so much wealth for the State during the mining boom and ensure this local project creates local jobs.

Regardless of who wins the contract, we ask this: That local businesses, suppliers, and workers are given priority by the successful tenderer.

Sending more pay packets to the south-east corner and southern states would be a gross neglect of regional Queensland and the people who drive this State’s economy.


1,500 signatures

Will you sign?


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